Thursday, June 12, 2014

Memebox: The Mask Edition #1

I promise this is the last of the Memebox unboxings for a while. In my Memebox 8 unboxing I explained how I had quite a few points and basically got a box for free. I love these boxes but won't buy another for a little while simply because I am doing a "no beauty buy" unless I have coupons or the items are on sale. I also need to use up the products I have received before I get too many more. (I'm running out of space in my bathroom!)

This Memebox is a special edition and all the items are masks. I love doing masks. They are one of the most relaxing activities for me. When I saw they came out with this I snatched it up!

However, in Asia, sheet masks are the most popular types of masks.

SN Yew Tree Stem Cell Perfect Calming Mask  (2 full size products $8 each)
This mask is supposed to transform the skin and give it new life.

LJH Tea Tree Mask (2 full size products $3 each)
The description says it will sooth skin troubles, control oil, and brighten dark spots.

Keyskin Gold Hydro Gel Eye & Spot Patch (Full size product $49)
This product contains 60 eye patches and 30 spot patches. Although many people say eye patches are ineffective, as a new mom I am very excited to try these! They claim to moisturize the eye area and prevent wrinkles. They contain high concentrations of gold, ginseng, snail essence, collagen, and more. These ingredients are supposed to also help aid in cell regeneration.

Coconut Bio Mask with Tomato (Full size $3)
I received one of these in my Luckybox 2 and am excited to have another so I can really decide if it works or not. It says it will help with wrinkles and brighten the complexion 

BIO Medi-curing Mask Aqua Dressing (Full size $3)
This product was also in my Luckybox 2 and is supposed to help with fine lines and wrinkles. I haven't used the other yet but am excited to!

Papa Recipe Princess Lip Gel Patch (Full size $3)
I recieved this in my Memebox 3 and I didn't notice any sort of difference after using it. My lips are incredibly dry and it says it will intensely moisturize your lips. I didn't feel like my lips were that much softer or more moisturized. Also, I want to say it broke me out but since I can't remember I'll give it another go. 

Sep Face Lifting Mask (Full size $14)
This is supposed to be a 6-in-1 mask that brightens skin tone, reduces fine lines, and hydrates. It is made out of a fabric that is used for body shaping underwear. I am very interested to try such and expensive one time use mask. 

Cost of box: $23
Total Value of box: $94

Overall impression: I love that they gave a variety of masks. Some for troubled and oily skin, some for brightening, and some for moisturizing. I also am very excited for the eye masks. However, I am extremely surprised by some of the prices of the masks. This was one box I was expecting to have a value that is close to what I paid. So I was very surprised to see that the value was triple what I paid. 

As always, I will post reviews as I use things up!

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